Giorgi literally made my day! We went to Kazbegi, he picked me up on time at my hotel, took the time to explain me the day and told me that any requests like stops outside the destinations schedules will be granted. He has the sense of communication, friendly and also keep his professionalism, so he will explain you the Georgian History of you are willing to know about it. Also, if you prefer it quiet he will not ask you too many questions. His car is descent, he carries bottles of water, there is AC and heater if needed. The day went very smooth and I was so glad that I took his services. I totally recommend Giorgi, He has a lot of knowledge and also he is good fun! One last point. He drives very safe which is a big plus in Georgia!
- alexandre pajaud
A very flexible and convenient service. I booked at 00:32 for a car to arrive and pick us us at 09:00. Giorgi was at our hotel for 08:20 and patiently waited whilst we ate breakfast and got ready. Our journey was from Gori to Kazbegi, and Giorgi had to drive from Tbilisi to get to pick us up. It was very impressive he was there so early. Giorgi was a brilliant driver. He spoke very good English, and was warm and friendly. He was knowledgeable about Georgia and inquisitive about the UK. He was organised and knew the best places for photos and was able to provide accurate estimates of when we would be arriving at our destination. At the end of the trip he point blank refused to accept a tip, which I thought was the sign of a real gentleman. I would wholeheartedly recommend Giorgi to anyone wishing for a drive to a destination in Georgia. One suggestion - I think the suspension in the back of Giorgi's car may need a trip to the garage. I forgot to add he also provided bottles of water in his car which was great!
- Alistair Sim
Отличное обслуживание , водитель Георгий дождался нас в аэропорту, довез быстро, рассказал куда можно поехать в Тбилиси. Очень вежливый, аккуратный водиьель. Спасибо!
- сергей журенко
О Гиоргие только самые добрые и приятные воспоминания. Замечательный человек и отличный водитель. Спасибо большое!
- Малышева Марина
Все отлично
- Игорь козырев
We was worry a little bit about transfer from Kazbegi to Tbilisi airport (its not easy road and sometimes weather surprise) But Giorgi was on time and pick up us in airport even early))
- Надежда Актубаева
Добрый день всем читающим.Пользовались услугами Гиоргия(правильно пишется именно так) остались довольны Возил нас по храмам и достопримечательностям и попутно что знал рассказывал. При встрече сказал что скорее титова наш маршрут более оптимально .На винном заводе Хареба рассказал нам про вино и был в роли переводчика. Обсалютно легко поддерживает любую тему. В машине чисто, не прокурино, управляет авто очень адекватно. Мы с супругой остались довольны.
- Богданова Ангелина
Чистая машина, приятный Водитель.
- Denis ivanov