X Giorgi

Пожелаю успешного развития Вашего биснеса
- Владимир Назаров
კომფორთულად და უსაფრთხოდ ვიმგზავრე. მძღოლი სასიამოვნო და ხარისხიან სერვისზე ორიენტირებული პიროვნებაა
- გიორგი ზუხბაია
Giorgi is such a nice, polite driver with the nerves made of steel. Was a real pleasure to work with him!
- Daria Kholodilina
Very nice cooperative driver..made some stops at our own request where we asked him to do. I am happy that he will take us in few days to Borjomi.
- Essam Ismail
Giorgi is an excellent safe driver and adhered to our request, before we even got in the car, to to not drive at top georgian speed..he was very obliging when we wanted to stop off..we used him twice and would have used him again if we werent leaving georgia!
- Janice
We took a trip to Kutaisi. Giorgi was very organized, very punctual and came early.He knew road well and help to escape all car and people traffic on a way and touristic places. Very polite, patient and good sence of humor. Drives safely.
- Maria, maxim
Everything went great and the price was very good compared to others and the driver was very friendly.
- Petri Purmonen
Much better this time. Drove directly to our destination. Very cooperative and decent guy. But back seat isn't comfortable😑 Thank u Giorgi
- Dr Othman
Very good driver ,drives very safe ,easy going , polite came in time
- Примиский. Игорь
Polite wise guy. Front seats only comfortable. Spent at least 30 minutes more as he took a wrong route😕
- Dr Othman
Giorgi speaks very good english and is a save driver. We appreciated that he didn't drive to fast and had enough time for all the stops we wanted to do!
- Gina Weber
Giorgi is a friendly person and a good driver. Clean car, punctuality, attentiveness. We went with Giorgi from Tbilisi to visit Prometheus Cave and Martvili/Okatze Canyons. He made a long and hard trip nice and funny. We sincerely recommend Giorgi for any travels. Гиорги-вежливый, веселый и пунктуальный, приятный в общении, хорошие навыки вождения. Очень чистая машина. Рекомендуем лля тех, кто хоть немного знает английский. Вам понравится!
- Eugenia Kashcheeva
Clean car and good professional driver
- Dmytro Burenin
Good service, nice trip. Best way to discover Gergia if you don't have your own car.
- Александр Янущик
Giorgi is an excellent and safe driver.
- Sarah Waltinger
we are so happywith our driver. Young but professional driver.
- Aivar Pavelson
He came earlier than the agreed time yet has no problem with waiting. A good and nice driver, knows english and was really very helpful and accomodating to our requests. 😊 Made a stop in some places to have a glance on the scenery.Would i recommend him?-yes. Thanks!
- MC Lavina
Very safe driver, we had all day tour to Vardzia and Old Rabati Castle. We stopped for any time we nedded, very polite young men.
- Marina
Чуть ниже отзыв и на русском. The tour is wondeful, the views are amazing! The driver is polite, the car was clean. Giorgi stopped where we want, took our photo together, recommended us to stop additional near White and Black Aragvi and the short way to walk up to Gergeti. He shared his Internet and we could read about visited places. We are very satisfied with the trip! Поездка замечательная, виды чудесные, не пожалеете! Чистая (внутри и снаружи) машина, каждому - по бутылке воды. Водитель вежливый и аккуратный, предупреждал каждое наше желание, мы не успели поднять фотоаппарат- уже спрашивает "Здесь остановиться?" Расшарил свой интернет на телефоне, и мы могли в режиме онлайн читать про увиденные места. Если вы немного говорите по-английски, чтобы объясниться- go, stop, photo, walking - то рекомендую Giorgi. Также любые вопросы можно задавать на контактную почту сайта, отвечают быстро и по делу. Очень довольны поездкой и сервисом!
- Larisa Gorbashko